This is the purrrrrrfect time to let you all know how much your support has meant this year (and throughout the years!)...what it's meant to me, and to the other musicians with whom I've shared the stage...as well as Jazz and Blues, definitely the coolest kitty cats walking on this planet! (...and they picked our house to live in!) No two feline sisters can dig the music and look at life quite like they do! (Ah...I know someone out there is thinking "My cat can"!) And I'm sure I'm just being biased...how can I not be, really, when their names are "Jazz" and "Blues"?! Well yes, there probably are other cool cats! :-) But I digress... ...as I was saying, if there were no "you", there could be no "us"! That's the plain truth! So we want to say thanks, & send our very best to you. We wish you all the best in the 2012. We're sending you wishes for a New Year filled with good health and prosperity, laughter, and of course, MUSIC! It's all around you, all you have to do is listen... from a concert hall, to a "hole-in-the-wall- dive" with great food and even greater entertainment, or maybe you hear it in the rustle of the dried leaves scraping their way across the street...or the sound of a redder than red cardinal out calling it's mate... it's all music. Whatever music you like, remember to make time to enjoy it whenever you can. It's a simple pleasure that let's us know we're not alone in this world. And that's a comforting thought to hold onto, whether you're listening to your favorite CD, or watching your favorite group perform live! So, from both Bobbe Shore and First Call, and The Bobbe Shore Trio, have a Happy, Wonderful & Safe holiday, which ever holiday you celebrate! We'll see you 2012! Bobbe

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