IN-HOME CONCERTS: (Intimate Setting for Dinner Parties, Unique for Block Parties!)

"IN HOME CONCERTS": We also do smaller concerts (almost acoustic, similar in "ambiance"!) with the Trio and Duo. These are perfect for "Intimate Dinner Parties" or for "Get to Know Your Neighbors Parties" , both of which can be held in-house, or on a deck, or by the pool...And the last idea is of today's version of a great "BLOCK PARTY", complete with LIVE MUSIC! Please inquire for more Information & details. What a blast these can be! The first two present a great opportunity to meet the artists, ask questions about anything...instruments, rehearsing, how often do we work? ... full time musicians or day jobs too? Best gig ever?! It's a fun "give and take" for both guests and musicians... and a very unique way to entertain your guests and get to know the band! (and visa versa!) The versatility of this performance concept is limited by only the imagination...that's the only thing that can get in the way. So think outside of the box when planning your next party, regardless of how small (or large), and enjoy the Duo or the Trio... (If space allows, then enjoy the Quartet or Quintet, by all means!) Please feel free to contact for promo material (incl. CD), rates & asst'd. information. Thank you! We'd love to be playing at a house on your street next week...that would be YOUR HOUSE! Bobbe The Bobbe Shore Trio Bobbe Shore and First Call